About Us

The feeling of using a beautiful writing instrument on quality paper is irreplaceable in today’s fast paced environment. This allows you thoughts to flow more easily and truly provides a more personal feel.
After all how much more sophisticated to receive a handwritten thank you note, written with a quality European made pen as opposed to an impersonal email!
The LSF Group of Companies has been bringing the culture of European writing to the Canadian market since 1993. We offer exclusively to the Canadian market iconic brands such as Diplomat.
We are very pleased to introduce you to the Diplomat Pens Canada Online Store allowing you to browse at your leisure, find the information on particular writing instruments and related accessories and purchase the item(s) directly from us at the suggested Canadian retail prices.
We can also provide you with a detailed listing of authorized Canadian dealers from coast to coast allowing you to purchase the item directly with these authorized accounts.
As a service to you we also offer Canada’s largest selection of refills to fit all major brands of writing instruments. No need to visit stores only to be disappointed that the required refill is not in stock.
We offer you a true one stop shopping experience.